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Access to and from i54 South Staffordshire has changed

New access arrangements at i54 South Staffordshire came into operation on Thursday 11 December 2014

As construction of new roads and businesses at the flagship i54 South Staffordshire development motors towards completion, notice is now being given of changes to how visitors enter and exit the site from 5am 11 December 2014

In a national first, Staffordshire County Council, Wolverhampton City Council and South Staffordshire Council have funded and built a motorway junction on to the site to attract business and create jobs.

It opened on 11 December 2014, and since then all cars and lorries must enter and exit i54 South Staffordshire using the new junction and slip roads.

Key changes at a glance

New site access arrangements are enforced from 5am on 11 December 2014

1 – From 5am on 11 December 2014 traffic must access and exit the i54 South Staffordshire site via the new entrance at junction 2 of the M54

  • No vehicle access to i54 South Staffordshire from ‘Wobaston Road’, except for local buses, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Once the new junction opens a camera controlled bus lane will be in operation north of the entrance to MOOG in both directions.

2 – £60 maximum penalty fine for unauthorised entry and exit

  • Fixed cameras will monitor ‘Innovation Drive’ up to the junction with ‘Valiant Way’
  • Any unauthorised vehicles will be issued with a penalty charge notice.

3 – Prepare now for the changes

  • We ask that you now adhere to the changes and consider your journey to and from i54 South Staffordshire.
  • Consider your alternative modes of travel.
  • Details of Public transport services direct to i54 South Staffordshire are available, as well as car share advice here



i54 South Staffordshire Site Access Plans will commence Autumn 2014

Click image above for a full size download

Why the access changes?

In a joint statement, Philip Atkins, leader of Staffordshire County Council, Cllr Roger Lawrence, leader of Wolverhampton City Council, and Cllr Brian Edwards, leader of South Staffordshire Council said:

“i54 is a unique partnership between our three councils that has brought thousands of new jobs and a massive economic boost to the area.

“The opening of the motorway junction later this year will complete a unique engineering feat with three councils investing in the motorway network and developing the site to attract leading businesses to the area.

“These new road arrangements are part of the planning conditions for the site, and when they come into effect later this year, will ensure i54 is one of the best business sites in the West Midlands, while safeguarding local businesses and people from the extra traffic created.

A camera-controlled bus lane is being installed on Innovation Drive – the current road on to the site from the Wobaston Road roundabout – and when it comes into force, only local buses, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to enter the site using this route. Any unauthorised vehicles will be issued with a penalty charge notice and fine of up to £60.

The bus lane will lead to easier more, consistent journey times and encourage people to travel to the site by public transport. The new arrangements are one of the conditions of the planning permission for i54 and will also help to protect nearby businesses and residents from increased traffic.

Information has already been sent to the four businesses currently on site, Jaguar Land Rover, MOOG, Eurofins and ISP, to start sharing with their staff, suppliers and visitors. Further details including dates and reminders will be publicised over the coming months to ensure the switch over is as smooth as possible.

Further information

If you have any questions please contact us on 01902 551155 or email enquiries@i54southstaffordshire.co.uk

i54 South Staffordshire, Innovation Drive, Wolverhampton, WV9 5GA
(NOTE: SATNAV users should use WV10 7EL and pick up local signs)

This update is brought to you on behalf of Staffordshire County Council, Wolverhampton City Council and South Staffordshire Council