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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most commonly asked questions about i54 South Staffordshire, focusing on highway works and the very latest construction information for residents, local businesses, drivers and visitors.

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For the very latest roadworks information from Wolverhampton City Council you can also visit this link to access Wolverhampton City Council’s dedicated roadworks information page.  (This link takes you out of this website)

For the very latest roadworks information from Staffordshire County Council you can also visit this link to access Staffordshire County Council’s Roads and Highways Information Page for the very latest local roadworks information across Staffordshire (this will take you out of this website)

General Questions about i54 South Staffordshire

  • What is i54 South Staffordshire?

    i54 South Staffordshire is a high-tech business park which is being developed by Staffordshire County Council, Wolverhampton City Council and South Staffordshire Council. The site is set to bring with it hundreds of new local jobs and represents a huge boost to the local economy and the future prosperity of our region.
  • Where is i54 South Staffordshire located?

    The location is close to Junction 2 of the M54 at Wobaston Road, Pendeford, on the boundary of South Staffordshire and Wolverhampton. It puts the site at the heart of the UK, with fantastic connectivity. A dedicated new motorway junction is being constructed from the adjoining M54.
  • What companies are based at i54 South Staffordshire?

    Two global companies, MOOG and Eurofins, have already made i54 their home whilst Jaguar Land Rover has become the third major international company who have chosen to move to the site investing £500 million in a advanced new engine manufacturing facility and bringing with it 1400 jobs and thousands more via supply chain opportunities. Hi tech security printing firm ISP have also just moved onto i54 South Staffordshire
  • Can I speak to someone about my particular circumstances?

    You can email questions to: city.direct@wolverhampton.gov.uk You can call Wolverhampton City Direct: 01902 551155 For all commercial enquiries please visit: www.i54online.com

Questions about i54 South Staffordshire site construction works

  • When will work begin at i54 South Staffordshire and how long will it last?

    Construction on the site itself started in 2012 and is expected to end late 2014
  • What work is being carried out?

    Infrastructure works will be carried out on site during 2013 and 2014 to provide accessibility and essential services to the site. In March 2013 work began on the main contract for the M54 Junction 2.
  • When will the works be carried out?

    The normal working hours for the Site will be 07:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays
  • What about the local environment and wildlife?

    A lot of work has been done on protecting the environment and safeguarding species on the site including specific measures for protected species.
  • What work is happening on the M54?

    Contractors Balfour Beatty, started the main construction works on the M54 in March 13. The planned construction includes the construction of a new access bridge over the M54 motorway to the west of the existing junction 2 (A449). The existing junction slip roads will be extended and new roundabouts constructed to allow full access to the site. Other works include the extension of the existing canal bridge and culvert which currently run under the M54 as well as diversion of the main high pressure gas pipeline which serves Telford. Other earthworks, drainage and carriageway works will be carried out including the resurfacing of the Eastbound off slip road with a thin surface bituminous material. A new 240-tonne accommodation bridge over the M54 has also already been put in place to replace an existing bridge which carries a bridleway and footway over the M54.
  • Will there be any disruption and road closures?

    Throughout the works there will be some lane closures and speed restrictions in place at various time periods. It will also be necessary to close the motorway on some occasions to allow for major works to be carried out. To allow for as little disruption as possible motorway closures will be kept to a minimum and take place overnight. Diversion routes will be in place (A449 /A5 /A41). A schedule of planned road closures will be detailed at www.i54southstaffordshire.co.uk and will be communicated in advance through the press, radio and via highway signs.
  • What speed restrictions will be in place?

    In order to protect the safety of our workers and the road users there will be a temporary 50mph speed restriction in place throughout the works and narrow lane running will be in operation.

Questions about Wobaston Road Highway Improvement Scheme

  • What is the Wobaston Road Highways Improvement Scheme?

    A highway improvement scheme on Wobaston Road is currently underway. When complete, the £3.6 million project will provide a significantly improved transport route for both residents and businesses, supporting the i54 South Staffordshire development and Pendeford Business Park. Most of the money - £2.5 - is coming from the Department for Transport’s Local Pinch Point fund, set up to tackle road bottlenecks. This work is the next step in an improvement scheme for the area that will see the local highways infrastructure transformed to accommodate the anticipated increase in traffic generated in part by the i54 development and partly from general traffic growth. The work at Wobaston Road will complement the highway improvement scheme recently completed at Vine Island on the Stafford Road A449. The shape of the island has been altered to facilitate better flow of traffic, improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improve access to the shops. Start Date: Autumn 2013 Expected completion: Winter 2014
  • What does the Wobaston Road Scheme include?

    The scheme includes widening of the road to create a dual carriageway on a 350 metre (0.2 miles) stretch between Patshull Avenue and Vine Island. In addition, new traffic lights are being installed at the junction of Patshull Avenue, and at the other end of Wobaston Road a right turn filter lane is being created into Pendeford Business Park. There will be improved junctions to reduce congestion, enhanced pedestrian facilities and a shared footpath and cycle lane to promote sustainable transport options. Existing trees and shrubs will be retained wherever possible and there will be planting of new shrubs, bulbs and trees to replace those which it is necessary to remove. Diagrams showing the full scheme from Vine Island to Pendeford Business Park are available to view
  • When and how will the work at Wobaston Road be carried out

    The junction improvement at Pendeford Business Park and a new footpath/cycle lane as far as The Droveway is well under way Highway improvements between The Droveway and Vine Island, including construction of an extra carriageway between Patshull Avenue and Vine Island are progressing well. This phase will incorporate an improved traffic signal junction at Patshull Avenue with better pedestrian and cycle facilities, and completion of the shared footpath/cycle lane from The Droveway to Vine Island.
  • What about access for residents, businesses and motorists during construction?

    Access along Wobaston Road and through the area of works will be maintained during the construction period. Most of the work will be undertaken away from the existing carriageway, allowing us to reduce disruption and keep the road open at the same time. It has been necessary to close Patshull Avenue at its junction with Wobaston Road for around 4 months. A temporary shuttle bus service has been laid on during this period to maintain public transport links into the Fordhouses estate. For further information visit www.networkwistmidlands.com/wobaston. We will continue to do all we can to keep traffic flowing and minimise disruption for residents, businesses and motorists.
  • Will the widened road create extra noise for residents?

    A noise survey has been undertaken and a full assessment made of the properties backing onto Wobaston Road that could be affected by the carriageway widening. The Council is consulting with residents who may be affected.
  • When will the works be completed?

    The works are expected to be completed by the end of 2014
  • Can I speak to someone about my particular circumstances?

    Yes, please contact City Direct on (01902) 551155 or email city.direct@wolverhampton.gov.uk.